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A Tailored Present

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Leon lives in Shropshire. His friend or family member who lives near London (I do not know more, privacy kept), contacted me for him to have a very special present.

It was Leon's Christmas present.

I viewed the small piece he had not so long ago crafted. A quick spy photographic shot taken to give me an essential piece of information. I then tailored the present for Leon, for his dream to create a piece of stained glass to come true.

Here is the present he received:

for Leon and I to plan a small stained glass project

· Four hours at my studio for more technical support for glass cutting or leading

· The essential Stained Glass Starter Kit

Leon contacted me on the 6th of January, very soon after receiving his present for this Festive Season 2020.

He looked forward to talking with me about his present and to starting it as soon as possible. We scheduled the first Online Mentoring in Stained Glass Crafting session.

Part of his present, it is a new online course I invite people to book if they have already once or twice built their own small stained-glass piece and if they wish to start crafting and to make a stained-glass worktop in their home.

Leon told me he was more keen to come to my studio than following an online course. I reassured him the two sessions online would be prior to his visit at my studio when circumstances will allow us to do so.

It is, like for many of us in 2020 or 2021, one of the few first proposals of Online Courses.

We all need a bit of practice to find the positive sides of this mean of teaching.

I recorded myself by mistake as I was perfecting the lights or the screens positions, and the documents I would share. It shows the small stress and the achievement! (biting my lips, pressing fingers on my cheek and a smile)

I was ready to welcome Leon!

The first meeting on Zoom went very well.

Leon and I, have mastered the time scale of the one-hour first session on Wednesday 20th January 2021, while many were maybe following live news. I am sure he later, as I did, caught up with this U.S.A historical event.

I understood better what Leon’s skills are, where he will work from, where he wishes to place the stained-glass pieces he will craft. We discussed how he may install it, what he needs to learn and purchase for his project to come true.

I guided Leon so he could understand which skills this project may add to his mastering of some techniques to create a set of stained-glass panels for the four pointed arch windows in his office space.

The first skill he needed guidance with for his homework to be completed before the second Zoom session, was sketching to scale the design for a not so symmetrical pointed arch window in an old building.

We have exchanged just a few emails to clarify if his first ideas could be realised.

Our next session will be mid-February, leaving him enough time to perfect the first idea which is very likely to create a beautiful warm and peaceful ambiance in his office room thinking of what he took as inspirational, the Palau de la Musica Catalan concert hall, Barcelona, in Spain.

Leon's first sketch

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