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Upcoming Courses

IMPORTANT INFO regarding COVID-19: until further notice, all courses taking place at my studio will require wearing a mask.

Please CLICK HERE for more information. Thank you for understanding! Please see below latest courses. 

The upcoming courses will take place in my new, spacious studio in Wem and Shrewsbury from March 2024. 

Please see below the map for the new Couleurlive Ltd location...

map Final print copy 09_11_23.png

We are located on the first floor, and the entrance is next to the circular window with keystones (Keyed Oculus window). Please note the way to enter the studio is via the staircase which leads up to Tigga Towers.

on the 1st floor.jpg
Traditional Stained Glass Painting Workshop
📍St. Mary's Church, Shrewsbury
24th April 2024
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