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One bird, one bee, many frogs and flowers!

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

I have worked hours at the 'well and safe' requirements and thinking of the best welcome to visitors or clients, or the best quality courses in my studio.

It took some time to set it all up.

I had to take into consideration the English Bridge Workshop as a public building where other courses or studios may have their visitors or students.

The Trustees of the English Bridge Workshop gathered all the information necessary writing a risk assessment and a few basic safety rules for the use of the building as hirers or as studios' courses. Until I knew what was in their priority list, I kept going with my artwork and what I knew had to be done in my studio.

I first moved furniture around to make walking areas all with safe distances between all persons in the studio.

Second, I had to assess all the tools and equipment used and handed over at the time of all courses. To teach traditional stained glass painting on glass, I used to invite participants to share one large and two medium light boxes. To adapt to the present circumstances, I chose to purchase 5 LED light pads. Each student will use their own and it will be thoroughly cleaned with a sanitiser spray.

As soon as I received all information needed for me to define how I would manage my own space in accordance to the rules of the English Bridge Workshop, I reviewed the courses Terms and Conditions. We wrote a special paragraph to all commitments of both all parties to respect each other's needs in times of Covid-19.

To complete the new settings