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Build a project with us

Workshops run for Stained Glass projects:


We provide stained glass painting workshops for members of your community, to learn about and create pieces they will be proud of, as part of a Stained Glass window. The artwork is completed in our studio and permanently displayed in a site of your choice.


We have recently adapted some of our courses to being delivered online and would be happy to explore the feasibility of delivering an online project with you. 

Past Projects

Marga and Collections, Shrewsbury Museum & Art Gallery 

​For this project we held a number of practical workshops with members of the local community, primary and secondary school students to learn traditional Stained Glass painting techniques and create an artwork inspired by Margaret Agnes Rope and Shrewsbury Museum’s ‘Hall of Rocks & Minerals’ collection.


In these workshops we decided on the focal point for the final design of the window and created painted Stained Glass panels that would contribute to the final artwork.

Couleurlive workshop at the Liverpool Slavery Museum for the Magna Carta project

Our Modern Magna Carta, International Slavery Museum 

For this project we worked with 15 year 9 students to design and create a 1m x 1m Stained Glass piece for display in the International Slavery Museum Research Institute and Education Centre located in the Martin Luther King Jr building at the Albert Dock, Liverpool to commemorate 800 years since the signing of the Magna Carta.


We spent a week together inspired by themes of human rights, the campaigners, democracy and the Digital Rights. Then created the artwork by drawing together and painting on glass.

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Our Modern Magna Carta

We would love to work with you!


Please contact us to discuss the possibility of delivering workshops and working with your community group. We welcome enquiries from anyone who would like to bring the world of stained glass to new people and audiences.

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