Two Sessions / Stained Glass | Online Mentoring

Two Sessions of Online Mentoring in Stained Glass Crafting

is for you, if you have the ambition to craft a window for your home and we need to discuss very precisely the design and techniques required.


One-to-one bespoke online mentoring in Stained Glass Crafting aims at those with some beginner experience, looking to expand their skills, have purchased or wish to purchase their own equipment to use it all at home.

Covering topics such as creating the template, selecting the glass, cutting the glass, leading, cementing and a patina finish.


Those first sessions are to introduce each other and work out what are the skills or the themes you wish to work at, what is required for you to craft your own window.


The next stages will be discussed and we will tailor a course to suit your goals. 


All following sessions will be planned with you via email,  £20 per 40mn session

You may also choose to add a two days course traditional stained glass painting at my studio. All details to be found in our online shop.




Mentoring Terms & Conditions - 


All online mentoring sessions will take place on the video conferencing application ‘Zoom’; you will need to download the application to a tablet or computer. If you are not familiar with Zoom it is a video conferencing application available on computers, tablets and smart phones. As well as being able to communicate through live video, chat and audio it allows you to share screens, send documents, record the session and watch back.


Please click HERE to read full Terms & Conditions.

Two Sessions / Stained Glass | Online Mentoring

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