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IMPORTANT INFO regarding COVID-19: We have postponed all courses taking place at my studio. Please CLICK HERE for more information.

Thank you for understanding! We have now launched our online course. Please see below for details. 

Stained Glass Online Mentoring - Using Zoom




Leon told me he was more keen to come to my studio than following an online course. I reassured him the two sessions online would be prior to his visit at my studio...

...We all need a bit of practice to find the positive sides of this mean of teaching....

I recorded myself by mistake as I was perfecting the lights or the screens positions, and the documents I would share. It shows the small stress and the achievement! (biting my lips, pressing fingers on my cheek and a smile)

I was ready to welcome Leon!

By Nathalie Hildeguarde Liege from her first blog post about Online Mentoring

I am delivering Online Mentoring sessions using Zoom, for people who have made the first step of attending a stained glass crafting course at another location.


Stained Glass Online One-to-one Mentoring will be for:


· Anyone wishing to reflect on what they first had learnt at another location.


· Anyone who is enthusiastic to the point of purchasing tools, equipment and glass and who has begun practicing their beginner skills on their own at home.


· Anyone who would welcome ongoing, lively support and guidance to build their confidence in using glass as a medium for self-expression.

Interested? Here is what it involves:

1. You would need to download the free video conferencing app ‘Zoom’* to your tablet or computer.


*If you are not familiar with Zoom it is a video conferencing application available on computers, tablets and smart phones. As well as being able to communicate through live video, chat and audio it allows you to share screens, send documents, record the session and watch back and includes a whiteboard feature that allows you to draw free hand or annotate documents on another meeting participants’ screen.


2. We would agree a time suitable for both of us to have an introductory half an hour warm welcoming video call to discuss how we will tailor the mentoring to your skills and review what you wish to get out of the session(s).


3. We build a bespoke plan for you determining the length of the mentoring in relation to your aims. Then, each video session will be for 40 minutes and will guide you in your work by answering your questions, enabling you to gain confidence, enjoy a deeper understanding of the technique at each stage, receive advice on artworks that have not gone to plan, and to enjoy the live experience of my studio. If you book more than one session, we will also stay in touch by email in between sessions.


4. For those interested in a one-off consultation, I can also offer a 40-minute video consultation.


If you are interested in either of the courses, you may view prices on my Support Shrewsbury Page or through the online shop. For further enquiries, please, email me at info@couleurlive.com

Now Available
Online Mentoring using Zoom
Beginners Traditional Stained Glass Painting
This is a two day Beginners Course learning and exploring traditional stained glass techniques such as the making of glass paint paste, painting on glass, kiln-firing.


This course is regularly announced on CraftCourses.com

It takes place at the English Bridge Workshop, at Nathalie's studio. 

Students will learn a range of traditional painting techniques that were practised by the craftsmen back in the earliest years of creating stained glass windows in Europe and beyond.

Enjoy yourself in our friendly and relaxed atmosphere where coffee, tea and buiscuts will be provided at intervals but unfortunately not lunch. As we are based in Shrewsbury centre you will find a range of eateries and accommodation within walking distance.  

Please note: This course IS NOT for learning the techniques of cutting glass and leading.
We do not run stained glass cutting and leading courses.
We will not lead the glass pieces the participants paint. To have a special finish around those pieces, this can be done by Nathalie at an extra cost.

Workshops for the community

With varied experience of delivering workshops to diverse community groups, I am available to provide creative stained glass workshops. I can work on community projects with schools and other organisations, offering engaging interactive sessions - exploring techniques such as glass painting and fused glass.


Please contact me to discuss workshop opportunities.

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