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A Star and a Circle

“I do feel it's a bit safe, but sure it will challenge me technically”


24th February 2021

In my blog page posted the 23rd January 2021, I shared with you a presentation of the first Online Mentoring Session with Leon.

As explained in this blog page titled A Tailored Present, Leon lives in Shropshire, his friend or family member who lives near London (I do not know more, privacy kept), contacted me for him to have a very special present.

This Two Sessions / Online Mentoring was part of Leon’s tailored Christmas present for his dream to create a piece of stained glass to come true.

This Online Mentoring is one of the three components of his present.

The first Session ended with all information at hand for him to push further the design he had quickly sketched. It was followed by a few emails.

The first Online Session and the conversation via emails, helped Leon to gather the first ideas for his design.

We have agreed to give a month between the first session and the second session. Leon needed time to cut the template for us to have the exact size of his window. He also had to make more precise choices for his design.

The choices included a budget he would allocate to extra materials needed for the completion of the window.

His present was the trigger. He is now hands on and needs to add his selected extra expenses to place an order with some of the companies I advised him to contact.

The month passed so fast!

This Wednesday 24th February, we met on Zoom at 3pm for the second session.

Leon had cut his template and drew a full size sketch on a cardboard.


Leon had calculated the cost of some of the expenses necessary for him to craft the first stained glass design he had sketched.

He “decided to go for a completely different design”.

As Leon wrote it, he “loved the roundels but they're quite expensive and I can't really afford to use lots of them, so that idea had to go

He chose to “go for quite a traditional design”, a circle as the centre piece of the pointed window, with a coloured border on the margin of the circle and on the edge of the window.

We discussed the width of the border on the edge of the window and its colour.

He selected red.

Why did he do so?

He was thinking of a window he had bought and fitted before one of his windows in his home.

The glass pieces that were part of the Creative Glass Guild Stained Glass Starter Kit included in his present, were pieces he liked as such. But, they were not his choice.

This set of glass pieces is only for the learning curve of the very beginner, for experimenting and playing with.

The colours or textures were not yet selected for his design when we tailored his present. None of us, the lady who offered the present and I, or even him, knew what his design would be. He will choose and order his glass and colours, some lead cames and a roundel to suit the purpose.


This second Online Session was a time to finalise choices and for me to guide Leon to turn the ideas into a cartoon and draw the cut lines full scale.

Understanding better the variants of technical details and budget, the design was defined to please him and for Leon to feel the achievement later at the end of the making processes or stages.

Final Choice, a star pattern will replace the floral theme!

Leon will now draw full scale the cut lines. He will gather all his creative skills and follow guidelines I explained to him.

We both enjoyed the second session. He might email me for more advice.

I look forward to viewing the glass and colours Leon will select.

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