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Cartoon & Stained Glass Painting Workshop

Updated: Jul 20, 2019

Took place on the 10th, 18th, 19th November and the 3rd December...

Nathalie asked

Did you approach the workshop as if you were contributing to the design of a craft project or an art project?
The project felt like more of an art response due to the level of creativity, ideas and concepts behind the work.


Our visit to Shrewsbury Museum on 10th Nov.

Not wishing to limit the project to the fact that Margaret Agnes Rope was one of the first known women in the world of stained glass art, the workshop was open to all, and to my surprise we were all of the same gender. How come?

The group of participants was made up of 6 adults who had responded to the promotion of the workshop and 6 students from Priory School (an age 11 to 16 secondary school with academy status first opened in 1939).

The participants knew nothing about the artwork of a stained glass window.

"Before the workshop I knew nothing about interpreting or creating stained glass windows. It was for me a wonderful eye opening experience and I can now appreciate how many different skills are needed. I get pleasure now in seeking out stained glass examples to admire or interpret." - workshop participant