A Journey to Select the Glass

Updated: Mar 12, 2018

It was time to select the glass!

Lamberts Glas many samples to guide their customers in their choices.

Very few 'no'_ many 'maybe'_ two 'Yes' it has to be.

The choice of glass textures or colours was well advanced. The participants and I did some of it as the workshops took place.  

I have to stay true to the meanings of the colour scheme we all discussed, even if I have to alter some of the choices made to keep the budget right.

I made all efforts to have our colours/textures/patterns harmony kept, at the same time as reducing the number of glass panes purchased to seven. 

I have an allocated budget for this new order which also is inclusive of the special reduction because of the generous sponsorship by Lamberts Glas of this project. 

I also have to bear in mind which glass I have in stock at my studio that will be used for this design.

I travelled to Germany by train at the lower cost of the European InterRail ticket . 

If one travels from Shrewsbury to an airport, and an airport to Waldsassen, it is all much better to take the train with an afternoon/evening in London.

It was just about time to view the Paul Nash exhibition thinking of the next commission I discussed and had a meeting just before this journey.  It is for the Royal Air Force Centenary Anniversary. Hopefully it will be the next #journal.

I worked on my iPad as I travelled, enjoyed chatting in German now and then with the passengers sitting by me.

The peak times of the Lamberts Glas day were my all inspiring hours at their very special heritage building and as I was in the train leaving Marktredwitz. 

I had left the site all in