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Ongoing / Stained Glass | Online Mentoring

Session of Online Mentoring in Stained Glass Painting.


You would have completed the Traditional Stained Glass Painting Course for Beginners (or a similar course from elsewhere). These are continued sessions we would have agreed on together after an initial discussion about your skills and intentions, taking place in the first two-hour session.


Each Session is two hours long, with a choice of a small break in between. Sessions can be scheduled as per our availability.


Part of the one-to-one bespoke online mentoring in Stained Glass Painting is aimed at those with some beginner experience looking to expand their skills and have purchased or wish to purchase their equipment to use at home. Access to a kiln or ownership of a kiln would be beneficial if you want to fire your pieces. I could offer limited use of my kiln as agreed (if needed, please get in touch with me, and we can discuss further). 


Online Mentoring using Zoom.


Available as a one-off or ongoing consultation.




Mentoring Terms & Conditions - 


All online mentoring sessions will take place on the video conferencing application ‘Zoom’; you must download the application to a tablet or computer. If you are unfamiliar with Zoom, it is a video conferencing application available on computers, tablets and smartphones. As well as communicating through live video, chat and audio, it allows you to share screens, send documents, record the session and watch back.


Please click HERE to read the full Terms & Conditions.

Ongoing / Stained Glass | Online Mentoring

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